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I’ve been lax in maintaining this blog during the last two years; an update is long overdue. So, what have I been up to? Work In May 2015, the University of Warwick (my employer) launched its new brand designed by Frank, Bright & Abel. I’ve spent most of my time working with web editors, web developers, academics and marketing staff to update departmental websites to reflect the new brand.

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This site was hacked in early January. The first I knew of the hack was seeing the words “This site may be compromised” in Google’s search results and my page titles filled with spam.

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I’ve started a new job at Podnosh, a consultancy run by Nick Booth, which provides social media training and strategy advice to local government, public bodies, charities, housing associations, neighbourhood groups and active citizens.

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Today is my first day in a new secondment at Podnosh, a consultancy specialising in social media for social and democratic benefit. Podnosh is based in central Birmingham, and is run and owned by Nick Booth.

For the rest of this year, I’ll be spending two days a week with Podnosh and three days a week in my current communications role at the West Midlands Regional Observatory.