I’ve started learning how to make generative graphics using TouchDesigner. The scope of what people make with the software is vast and inspiring (check out the Vimeo group), while the learning curve is steep. After reading the introductory book to get an understanding of the user interface and workflow, my aim is to make motion graphics react to a musical source. Building on that, maybe I can use MIDI data as another input.

After buying a shiny new Mac in April, I’ve been able to access my old files and photo libraries. I stumbled on these experimental images created with Auto-Illustrator, a generative vector art application developed by software artist Adrian Ward. Auto-Illustrator (no longer online at its original home swai.signwave.co.uk) has a GUI (graphical user interface) that mimics popular vector drawing applications. The software adds its own interpretation to the user’s drawing input, which makes for a random and playful experience.