· 11 minute read

In late 2017 I was asked to write a strategy on how to manage and produce support documentation for the University of Warwick’s web publishing team, which develops web and mobile applications in-house.

The number of web applications had increased since I joined Warwick in 2012. Help pages were in large banks of FAQs (frequently asked questions). Over time, they had become difficult to navigate and keep up to date. After a successful trial to incorporate documentation work with the development cycle for one application during 2016-17, there was a successful model to follow. The challenge was to identify the scope of documentation work in total and how to scale up the trial to a full service of 17 applications.

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After two months beavering away, I’ve launched a new design for this portfolio site. I hand-crafted the HTML/CSS and built the Wordpress theme from scratch. This design is the fifth version of my site. It reflects the positioning and thinking I’ve done this year. The design’s core comes from some detailed study of grid layouts and through trying out a new approach to content strategy. This made for some odd conversations (with myself), as both client and designer.