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The Craft of Words is a 49-page guide by Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson (a tweed-clad duo also known as The Standardistas).

They advocate words and language – both their meaning and visual form – as the starting point in any design process, before things like colour and aesthetics. Tone and voice play a critical role in communication. When you craft words with as much care as visual elements, the effect you achieve with your design is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Photo © Peter Menzel 2012 / from The Human Face of Big Data The Human Face of Big Data is: “[…] a globally crowdsourced media project focusing on humanity’s new ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time.” Crowdsourcing the data is done through a mobile app survey. You can download the app for Android and, as of last Thursday, iOS. Questions are grouped into topics on family, trust, sleep and dreams, sex and dating, demographics, and yourself.