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I was interviewed for a case study about how the West Midlands Regional Observatory uses InstantAtlas to visualise geographical data to provide better access to Local Area Agreement data. Read the interview on [No longer online]

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Opening public data has gained a real head of steam in the last year. The idea is to make publicly-held and non-personal data freely available for reuse by public bodies, individuals and businesses. Practically, it’s about making data easy to find, easy to license and easy for others to re-use. Public bodies create, collect or use all kinds of information every day. From building applications to job centre vacancies, welfare benefits to MPs’ expenses.

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Today is my first day in a new secondment at Podnosh, a consultancy specialising in social media for social and democratic benefit. Podnosh is based in central Birmingham, and is run and owned by Nick Booth.

For the rest of this year, I’ll be spending two days a week with Podnosh and three days a week in my current communications role at the West Midlands Regional Observatory.

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After two months beavering away, I’ve launched a new design for this portfolio site. I hand-crafted the HTML/CSS and built the Wordpress theme from scratch. This design is the fifth version of my site. It reflects the positioning and thinking I’ve done this year. The design’s core comes from some detailed study of grid layouts and through trying out a new approach to content strategy. This made for some odd conversations (with myself), as both client and designer.