Content management

· 2 minute read

My last post was on how to update your Google Docs settings to track published documents in Google Analytics. Currently, you can only documents track documents in your Analytics reports – not views of published spreadsheets or presentations. I’d like Google to add support for tracking published spreadsheets, in particular. At work, I advocate making statistics available online in multiple open formats and not, for example, solely providing statistics in an Excel file hosted on the corporate site for users to download.

· 1 minute read

SMASH (Solihull Methodists Acting and Singing in Harmony) are a music and drama group based at Solihull Methodist Church. I’ve maintained the Wordpress site for SMASH since 2006. The site contains a photo archive of past productions and a blog about the group’s activities, such as upcoming shows, rehearsal details and ticket booking. I updated the site last month with a new information architecture, making better use of Wordpress’s categories to organise and surface content through the site.

· 1 minute read

I’m a fan of revisiting posts within a blog and linking to related posts. Whether adding cross-references in the body of the text or at the end of a post via a related posts plugin, I think these links can benefit both readers and site owners. Linking between posts is also essential if you’re writing a series of related posts. One result of linking posts bothers me though. Trackbacks or pingbacks in the comments section of your own post don’t make sense in the context of your own site.