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You know those crisp, beautiful autumn mornings with azure skies and a low-angled sun jabbing fingers of light through the trees into a carpet of mist? It was one of those.

I took photos in my local park while walking the dog. Each scene, viewed by eye, was a perfect English autumn composition. The resulting photos? Rubbish! Each image was underexposed, the rays of sunlight looked weak and the sky was a flat pastel. Not what I was hoping for!

I attempted to rescue an image with heavy editing using the Enlight app for iOS, my favourite photo editor. Digging deeper into Enlight’s mixer tools, I used the blending functions to combine two photos into the following woodland scene:

Highbury Park, Kings Heath

I’m chuffed with the result. It has a peaceful yet surreal feeling. While the trees, crocuses and earth are realistic, the rays of sunlight and purple accents at the right add a magical atmosphere.

Next, I played with a photo I took of Crosby beach (site of Sir Antony Gormley’s Another Place) with space imagery to make this double exposure:

Crosby beach

To make the following image, I started with a double exposure from two of my own photos, Last of the light and Formby beach. Next, I wanted to place an aged structure that was unsettling and incongruous in a rural scene. The idea for this composition has been on my mind for a while; it’s inspired by Simon Stålenhag’s digital painting in Tales from the Loop. The iron structure is a close-up of Zeche Zollern mine head tower (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Werner Wittersheim.

Structure on beach
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