Creating Impressionist landscape images with Percolator app

My partner and I adopted a rescue dog named Mia in February, which means we’ve walked more and explored local parks. When taking Mia for a walk, we spend a lot of time standing still waiting for her to satisfy her curiosity in all kinds of wildlife and plants, to stop sniffing and continue walking.

With a warm spring in the UK my neighbourhood park has looked lovely – full of daffodils, bluebells and crocuses – and I’ve had time to really absorb it. The scenes, and colour in particular, reminded me of Impressionist landscapes by painters such as Claude Monet and Louis Oscar Griffith.

'In The Garden' by Claude Monet
In The Garden (1895) by Claude Monet (Wikimedia Commons)
The Iris Garden at Giverny
The Iris Garden at Giverny (1900) by Claude Monet (

So, how about making an Impressionist-style landscape image on an iPhone? I used Percolator, a photo mosaic app for iPhone and iPad, to create the following image. Granted, it’s no masterpiece worthy of Monet but I’m pleased with it!

Spring crocuses
Spring crocuses (shared on flickr)

Let’s run through the steps to create an image like this using Percolator.

  1. Find a landscape photo with strong bands of colour. I used this photo (you could also use my photo of the spring daffodils):
    Purple and white crocuses
  2. Open Percolator, select Choose photo and browse to the source photo.
  3. Open the menu options by selecting the coffee mug icon.
  4. Start by selecting Extra fine in the left-hand column, Overprint in the centre column and Light & Sweet in the right-hand column:
    Percolator menu options
  5. Expand the options by selecting the little arrow to the right of the Extra fine label. I used Average to set the size of the circles and Saturate to perk up the colour of those crocuses and the hedgerow. You may need to select the Re-grind button to apply the settings.
    Percolator menu options
  6. Expand the Overprint options. Choose ¾ in the centre column and Full in the right-hand column:
    Percolator menu options
  7. Expand the Light & Sweet options. I used Rise-n-Shine in the centre column to add a spring sunshine feel and Brown Bag in the right-hand column for the canvas-like texture.
    Percolator menu options
  8. Once you’re happy with your image, select the heart icon to save the image to your photo library or share it online.