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Percolator for iOS is an app for creating mosaic images from your photos. The process of making a mosaic is straightforward. Using the app, you take a photo via the built-in camera or choose an existing photo from your photo library.

There are three types of filters to play with:

  • Grind – turn your photo into a mosaic.
  • Brew – choose different types of shapes, such as circles, stars and rings.
  • Serve – add finishing touches with colour and texture.

Here are my first experiments playing with the app.

Formby beach
Stig the cat
Museum of Liverpool
Museum of Liverpool
Oozells Square, Birmingham

You can see more images in the Percolator flickr group.

Three filter types may seem limited but the potential combinations of the settings give plenty of scope. I’m hooked already and imagine spending a lot of time using this app. It’s addictive!

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