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TweetPysch is a tool that “creates a psychological profile of any public Twitter account and compares it to the thousands already in the database. This identifies those traits that are used more or less frequently by the user analyzed.”

You get a nice bar chart summarising your traits by how much more, or less than, they differ from the average on Twitter.

Bar chart

You also get more detailed descriptions of each trait, what it means and your score:

My tweetpsych scores

TweetPsych returns scores for the following traits or content. The following list is ordered by my reported traits, starting with higher than average and working down to lower than average:

  1. Positive sentiment (42%)
  2. Learning and education (35%)
  3. Past (7%)
  4. Primordial (6%)
  5. Constructive (3%)
  6. Future (-3%)
  7. Anxiety (-5%)
  8. Control (-5%)
  9. Senses (-7%)
  10. Social (-7%)
  11. Media (-11%)
  12. Conceptual (-12%)
  13. Time (-18%)
  14. Work (-25%)
  15. Self Reference (-30%)
  16. Present (-30%)
  17. Negative (-30%)
  18. Money (-33%)
  19. Thinking (-36%)
  20. Numbers (-37%)

The report is a snapshot in time (today) though I’m unsure how far back TweetPsych analyses my Twitter history.

After experiencing fantastic recent months, a great summer, with lots of new things happening, I thought it might be interesting to compare today’s scores with another set of scores at some point in the future, so I saved the results in this spreadsheet. It might be interesting to see if any traits score differently.

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