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An update on what I'm doing

I’m going to redesign this website.

Over the last two years, the nature of the day job and freelance work I do has changed. After mulling over many job titles, web producer seems the best fit for what I do day to day. The new portfolio site will reflect this.

Learning in depth

At the start of 2010, I scribbled some resolutions on paper (not brave enough to blog them and therefore make them real) about developing my web skills this year.

After flitting across subjects, favouriting tweets, starring tutorials in Google Reader, skimming blogs, going to meetups and generally procrastinating, I concluded that I’ve tried to know about many web subjects without fully understanding any.

So, I committed to developing my skills in a smaller range of areas but learning about each one in greater depth:

Progress on portfolio redesign

I’ve completed the first two stages:

  1. A content plan for the portfolio.
  2. Wireframes for key page templates (shared on flickr).

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