Playing with Lo-Mob app

Grand Union Canal at Olton.

1 minute read

Here are eight images of the Grand Union Canal at Olton, Solihull. I took the original photo with an iPhone 3G S and added the retro effects with the Lo-Mob app. Lo-Mob adds a retro, low-tech feel to photos, such as ‘through the viewfinder’ (TTV), medium format, 35mm and emulsions.

I imagine ‘real’ photographers (who understand the craft – not photo tinkerers like me) or Photoshop experts may be aggrieved at filter apps like Lo-Mob. Personally, I think these apps are great. I spent hours reading Photoshop tutorials on how to create retro effects, recording batch actions to apply border effects, using grunge brushes to simulate wear, and so on. While I learnt a lot, the simplicity of an app appeals to me.

As a side benefit, I’m also learning terminology from the photographic world I know nothing about (film, developing, formats, and so on).

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