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Here are eight images of the Grand Union Canal at Olton, Solihull. I took the original photo with an iPhone 3G S and added the retro effects with the Lo-Mob app. Lo-Mob adds a retro, low-tech feel to photos, such as ‘through the viewfinder’ (TTV), medium format, 35mm and emulsions.

I imagine ‘real’ photographers (who understand the craft – not photo tinkerers like me) or Photoshop experts may be aggrieved at filter apps like Lo-Mob. Personally, I think these apps are great. I spent hours reading Photoshop tutorials on how to create retro effects, recording batch actions to apply border effects, using grunge brushes to simulate wear, and so on. While I learnt a lot, the simplicity of an app appeals to me.

As a side benefit, I’m also learning terminology from the photographic world I know nothing about (film, developing, formats, and so on).

Grand Union Canal 01
Grand Union Canal 02
Grand Union Canal 03
Grand Union Canal 04
Grand Union Canal 05
Grand Union Canal 06
Grand Union Canal 07
Grand Union Canal 08
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