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Monitoring views of published Google Documents with Google Analytics

Edited 25 April 2012: since I wrote this post, Google have removed the ability to use your analytics ID to track published Google Docs.

Browsing this morning, I discovered that you can track views of your published Google Docs using your Google Analytics account.

A published Google Doc is one that you have chosen to openly share with anyone on the web.

To turn on tracking of your published documents:

  1. Go to your Google Docs account.
  2. Choose Settings and go to the Editing tab.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Use Google Analytics to track the number of visits to your published documents.
  4. Paste your Google Analytics tracking code:

    Editing tab in Google Docs settings

Views of all documents published from this account now appear in your reports.

How to publish a document

  1. To publish a Google Doc, go to Share > Publish as web page:

    Publish Google Doc as web page

  2. Choose Publish document:

    Screenshot: interface to start publishing a Google Doc


Note that this feature tracks published documents only. At the time of writing, tracking is not available for spreadsheets or presentations.

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