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I stumbled across an interesting application called Twittersheep that produces a word cloud based on the biographies of your followers on Twitter. [Edited 3 February 2013: Twittersheep is no longer online.] This is what Twittersheep came up with based on my followers.

Twittersheep word cloud

There aren’t many surprises in the words that pop out. In a way, I’m pleased my followers’ interests or specialisms match my own.

It’s interesting though to see the terms your followers use to describe their own interests and how these terms correspond to what you ‘think’ your tweets are about. It’s your tweets’ content which retains followers after all.

What’s noteworthy to me is the significant number of words that look like they’re part of job titles. This makes me think of Twitter bios as professional statements, rather than personal descriptions or hobby lists.

While I’m looking at this word cloud from the angle of simple curiosity, Twittersheep looks like a useful tool for marketers. Daniel Davies notes how businesses targeting a certain demographic or pushing their brand using Twitter could use Twittersheep to learn more about their followers.

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