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Third social media surgery for voluntary groups in Birmingham

Video by Nick Booth

Here’s a quick writeup following the third social media surgery for voluntary and community groups in Birmingham. The event was organised by Nick Booth and held at the Birmingham Voluntary Services Centre.

At these surgeries, volunteers and community group representatives discover how they can make use of social media. This could be starting a blog to bring people together around a common issue, organising a Facebook group or sharing a video on YouTube to communicate a story.

Volunteer ‘surgeons’ offer advice on freely available social tools in a one-to-one or small group environment. No presentations, lecturing or jargon – just people with knowledge, ideas and passion to help community groups make the most of the internet.

I met Jon at the surgery. He runs a martial arts academy in Birmingham. Jon advocates how people can use martial arts training to help disadvantaged groups. He wanted advice on:

  • setting up a blog as an online home for the academy
  • using social tools to connect people around martial arts training and disadvantaged groups

We looked at how to start a free WordPress blog, tweak the design and personalise the blog. One day later, it’s great to see Jon’s blog up and running at Epic Martial Arts. Great stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing how Jon develops his blog as a community hub to bring together people who share interests in the therapeutic and rehabilitating potential of martial arts training.

I also met Chris at the surgery. Chris, Jon and I looked at Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a means to make contact with other people interested in similar issues.

Other surgeons were Nick Booth, Jon Bounds, Simon Whitehouse, Danny Smith, Abby Corfan, Katie Spragg, Pete Ashton, Philip Oakley, Jon Hickman, Ben Whitehouse and Joanna Geary. (Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.)

This is the second surgery I’ve been to. They’re refreshing, fun and you learn a lot.

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