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There are many ways to keep up to date with new content on the web though this task can sometimes be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know if people are talking about your company or product on other websites? How do you find other blog authors talking about the same issues that you’re interested in?

Google Blog Search helps you find what people are saying on other blogs by providing a search tool specific to blogs, rather than the entire web. Of course you can return to Google Blog Search and repeatedly enter your search terms, but there’s an easier way to keep up-to-date: subscribe to an RSS feed of Google Blog Search results.

Say you write a blog about human performance management and you want to:

  • discover other blogs containing the words ‘human performance management’
  • subscribe to an RSS feed on new posts on this topic indexed by Google Blog Search

Discover other blogs about the same topic

  1. Go to Google Blog Search and type ‘human performance management’.

  2. You see a list of blogs related to this topic sorted by relevance (you can also choose to sort the results by date, most recently published posts first).

    Google Blog Search for human performance management

This is a good way to find out who the main ‘speakers’ are on a certain topic. You can keep informed by reading their posts and take part in the conversation, demonstrating your own interest, by commenting on their blogs.

Get Google Blog Search results in an RSS feed

While you can keep returning to Google Blog Search and searching by keyword, you can save yourself time by subscribing to the search results in an RSS feed.

  1. Go to Google Blog Search and do a keyword search.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the search results to where it says Subscribe to a blog search feed for human performance management in Google Reader:

    Link to subscribe to an RSS feed of search results

  3. Copy the link and paste it as a new feed in your preferred RSS reader. For example, here is the RSS feed for the ‘human performance management’ search results in Google Reader:

    Human performance management feed in Google Reader

All done. You’ve now subscribed to an RSS feed of Google Blog Search results. If you want to closely follow a topic, this is a great way to get started.

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