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Email newsletter design for Ladder Consulting

Joan Henshaw, founder of Ladder Consulting and the 10 Minute Management Toolkit, provides consultancy on human performance management. Joan and I worked together on an email newsletter and blogging strategy to promote her consultancy services and raise awareness of Joan’s blogging on performance management techniques for managers.

I designed a branded HTML email template and set up a Campaign Monitor account for Joan to manage her email marketing activity. As well as sending newsletters, the account provides Joan with analytics on:

  • newsletter open rates and views
  • click-throughs from the newsletter to her website
  • subscribers joining and leaving the mailing list

Ladder Consulting newsletter

“One of Gavin’s key strengths is his ability to help me clarify what I want to achieve from my website, newsletters and email campaigns and then meeting those needs in a creative way. He is very supportive and an excellent source of advice and insight. Highly recommended.” — Joan Henshaw, Ladder Consulting

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