What I’m up to

It’s been quiet on this blog this year. Here’s an update on what I’m up to.

I’ve started a new job at Podnosh, a consultancy run by Nick Booth which provides social media training and strategy advice to local government, public bodies, charities, housing associations, neighbourhood groups and active citizens. The work is varied. Some of the things I’m working on include:

  • Training workshops for community groups to learn social reporting.
  • Management and support for clients’ websites (using WordPress Multisite).
  • Assisting with event coordination such as SpeedData, a collaboration between Podnosh and Substrakt, a digital media and design agency.
  • Coordinating the monthly central Birmingham social media surgery for voluntary and community groups.
  • Creating content for blogs.

On the freelance front, I’ve just updated the portfolio with a recent WordPress theme design for Dirty Bristow magazine.

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