Technical writing with Scrivener

How I used Scrivener to plan and write support documentation for a university's coursework web application.

6 minute read

Earlier this summer, I completed a documentation project at the University of Warwick (my employer) for a web application called Tabula. The design and development teams rewrote the coursework management component, roughly a quarter of the app, from scratch. I was responsible for writing the support pages on the IT Services’ website for use by staff and students, and contributing to alpha testing. The development team releases new versions of Tabula iteratively, typically once a week.

Word and character count tools for web editors

A rundown of my favourite tools.

3 minute read

When you spend significant time writing in web applications – say, in a CMS, social media client, bid submission portal, or a Markdown editor – a quick way to count words and characters is useful. Here are my favourite tools to count words or characters without leaving the browser. Word Count extension for Chrome This is a basic extension to display word and character count. When you install the Word Count extension it sits in the navigation bar.

Advocating the craft of words in design

Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson advocate words and language as the starting point of any design process in 'The Craft of Words', a pocket guide published by Five Simple Steps.

4 minute read

The Craft of Words is a 49-page guide by Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson (a tweed-clad duo also known as The Standardistas). They advocate words and language – both their meaning and visual form – as the starting point in any design process, before things like colour and aesthetics. Tone and voice play a critical role in communication. When you craft words with as much care as visual elements, the effect you achieve with your design is greater than the sum of its parts.