Graphics & photography

Audio and 2D image to 3D animation

My first test export from TouchDesigner.

1 minute read

I’ve started learning how to make generative graphics using TouchDesigner. The scope of what people make with the software is vast and inspiring (check out the Vimeo group), while the learning curve is steep. After reading the introductory book to get an understanding of the user interface and workflow, my aim is to make motion graphics react to a musical source. Building on that, maybe I can use MIDI data as another input.

Fantasy landscapes

Playing with double exposures and blending.

2 minute read

You know those crisp, beautiful autumn mornings with azure skies and a low-angled sun jabbing fingers of light through the trees into a carpet of mist? It was one of those. I took photos in my local park while walking the dog. Each scene, viewed by eye, was a perfect English autumn composition. The resulting photos? Rubbish! Each image was underexposed, the rays of sunlight looked weak and the sky was a flat pastel.

Planet Loweswater

A tiny world.

1 minute read

Now I have a shiny new Mac, I’m able to dig through my photo archives. This weekend I found stitched panoramas, including several from photos taken at Loweswater in Cumbria. The lake and surrounding mountains cast in bright winter sun proved great source material for making a polar panorama: I’ve shared the image on flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).