Content design

Technical writing with Scrivener

How I used Scrivener to plan and write support documentation for a university's coursework web application.

6 minute read

Earlier this summer, I completed a documentation project at the University of Warwick (my employer) for a web application called Tabula. The design and development teams rewrote the coursework management component, roughly a quarter of the app, from scratch. I was responsible for writing the support pages on the IT Services’ website for use by staff and students, and contributing to alpha testing. The development team releases new versions of Tabula iteratively, typically once a week.

Custom stylesheet for George Orwell essay archive

Typography CSS for use with the Stylish browser extension to improve the readability of an online essay archive.

2 minute read

There’s an archive of George Orwell’s essays in English and Russian language at I found the archive last week when searching for a full-text version of Politics and the English Language (1946) to re-read, which contains Orwell’s famous six rules for clear writing. These rules are touchstones for writers or editors and feature in the introduction to The Economist’s style guide. I found the essays difficult to read on a desktop browser due to the site’s typography:

Twitter card and Open Graph images in Icarus theme for Hugo

How to define the post preview image shared on Facebook and Twitter.

1 minute read

Earlier this week, when sharing a post from The Perfect Twang to Facebook, I noticed that none of the post images appeared in the link preview: The lack of images is due to a missing og:image property in my post metadata. The only information I found on how to populate this property, specifically in the Icarus theme for Hugo I use for my music blog, is by Brendan Quinn.