Guitarist looking to join to blues/rock band

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One of my resolutions for 2013 is to be back in a band playing guitar live. Ever since I started learning to play 25-odd years ago, playing guitar has been a constant source of happiness, relaxation and fun times.

I gigged regularly from aged 16, in Manchester, and through my student days in Hull in various indie-type guitar-led bands. I think I can claim, along with the other three members of The Emus, to be in the only band in the world that had to modify their name after an 80s TV celebrity died falling from a roof while adjusting his TV aerial.

Since moving to Birmingham in 2001, I’ve played guitar live occasionally, most proudly in a backing band for the late Frank Sidebottom under the Variety Is Back banner with my mate Jon Bounds.

Now I’m throwing myself out there to try and do something new and see what happens. Below is the ‘musician available’ ad I posted on Gumtree today. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in starting such a band in the Birmingham area drop me a line.

“I’m a 35-year old guitarist looking to join a blues/rock band and play gigs for fun in 2013 doing original material.

I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years (gigged solidly in late 90s, admittedly less so since – just a few gigs in south Birmingham). Have experience as a stagehand and monitor engineer, so I know my way around a stage and sound gear.

Looking for:

  • Singer/songwriter/someone to lead the charge
  • Drummer, bassist, guitarist

…to write and gig for fun:

Playing original up-tempo good-time bluesy rock n’ roll. Take the best of the past, add new ideas and do something new.


Oldies: BB King, Jeff Beck, Small Faces, Cream, Free, Muddy Waters, The Who, Rolling Stones.

New blood: Joanne Shaw Taylor, WT Feaster Band, Grainne Duffy, Derrin Nauendorf.

If you’re up for starting something and gigging in 2013, please get in touch.


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2 Responses

  1. Hell yes.

    I play piano and keys, and some organ work (one handed). Don’t ask.

    Always interested in something fun and funky and for the hell of it.


  2. Gavin Wray says:

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for getting in touch – glad you’re interested! I’ll drop you an email.

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